Pacific Cod

Pacific Cod fillet size 1kg+

Pacific Cod fillet size 1kg+

(2 đánh giá)


Pacific Cod Fillet Portion (200g)

Pacific Cod Fillet Portion (200g)

(264 đánh giá)


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I. Introduction to Pacific Cod

Pacific Cod, also known as Gadus macrocephalus, is a special species of fish belonging to the Cod family (Gadidae). It is an economically important fish species and is widely distributed in the Pacific Ocean, particularly in the northern regions of the North Pacific.

II. Physical and Biological Characteristics of Pacific Cod

A. Description of Shape, Size, and Color

Pacific Cod has a slender and robust body shape. It is typically grayish-blue or grayish-brown in color. One notable feature is a white stripe on the lower jaw, extending from the eye to the chin.

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B. Adaptation and Habitat

Pacific Cod inhabits the seafloor in deep waters ranging from 100 to 500 meters. They adapt to various environments, from cold to temperate regions of the sea. Pacific Cod often forms large schools for hunting and searching for food.

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C. Feeding Habits and Reproduction

Pacific Cod is a food fish species, feeding on small organisms such as small fish, insects, worms, shrimp, and other marine animals. Reproduction of Pacific Cod occurs in deep waters, and this process typically takes place in the spring.

III. Role and Value of Pacific Cod

A. Ecological Role and Ecosystem

Pacific Cod plays a crucial role in the marine ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean. They serve as a food source for many other fish species and marine organisms. Additionally, Pacific Cod is an important fish species in the marine food chain.

B. Economic Value and Utilization

Pacific Cod holds high economic value and serves as a significant source of income for fishermen and the seafood industry. The market for Pacific Cod includes both domestic consumption and export to other countries. Pacific Cod is favored for its white, delicious meat of high quality.

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In addition to its nutritional value, Pacific Cod is used in various traditional dishes and seafood preparations. Its meat can be prepared in numerous ways, such as fried, steamed, grilled, in fish soup, sushi, and sashimi. Importantly, Pacific Cod is also a primary ingredient in the production of processed seafood products like fish balls, steamed fish, breaded and fried fish, and frozen fillets.

IV. Conservation Status and Measures to Protect Pacific Cod

A. Current Status of Pacific Cod and Threats

Pacific Cod faces several threats, including overfishing, habitat loss, climate change, and environmental pollution. Increased levels of Pacific Cod exploitation can have negative impacts on this valuable resource.

B. Conservation Measures and Management to Protect Pacific Cod

Conservation measures and management efforts are being implemented to protect Pacific Cod. These include the establishment of Pacific Cod conservation areas, sustainable fishing regulations, and enhanced monitoring and control of the fishing process.

V. The Alaska Prime: Importing and Distributing Pacific Cod in Vietnam

A. Introduction to The Alaska Prime

The Alaska Prime is a reputable company specializing in importing and distributing fresh and high-quality Pacific Cod in Vietnam. With years of experience and collaborations with reliable Pacific Cod producers, The Alaska Prime is committed to providing customers with safe and premium food products.

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B. Reliability and Product Quality

The Alaska Prime ensures that Pacific Cod is imported from trusted sources and adheres to strict quality control processes. The products meet standards of freshness, cleanliness, and are free from contamination.

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C. Environmental Commitment

The Alaska Prime commits to importing Pacific Cod only from suppliers who follow rules and methods of sustainable environmental protection. By collaborating with conservation-minded producers, The Alaska Prime contributes to maintaining the natural state of Pacific Cod.

VI. Conclusion

Pacific Cod is a unique fish species with significant ecological and economic value. However, to protect and sustain this resource, the application of conservation and management measures is necessary. The Alaska Prime plays an essential role in importing and distributing fresh and safe Pacific Cod in Vietnam while ensuring environmental protection and product quality for customers.


At Alaska Prime, all seafood is 100% naturally caught, packaged, and directly frozen in Alaska through a closed-loop process, ensuring the highest quality and preserving the nutritional value from the sea to the table.


Alaska Prime is currently a specialized partner in supplying and distributing imported seafood to numerous reputable restaurant, super market, and retailers in the Vietnamese market.