Snow Crab

Snow Crab Clusters - Size 250g

Snow Crab Clusters - Size 250g

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Snow Crab Cocktail Claws

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Snow Crab Clusters (350g)

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Cua tuyết Alaska

Alaska Snow Crab is becoming increasingly popular in the Vietnamese market due to its high nutritional value and versatility in cooking. Let's delve into this premium seafood and gather all the essential information about it.

What distinguishes Snow Crab?

Snow Crabs mainly inhabit the Atlantic region (northwestern areas like Newfoundland and Greenland) and the Pacific region (northern areas like Japan, Alaska, South Korea, etc.). Scientifically known as Chionoecetes Opilio, Snow Crabs belong to the Oregoniidae family.

Cua tuyết là hải sản tốt cho sức khoẻ và cải thiện nhiều loại bệnh trong cơ thể

Snow Crabs typically reside in deep sea areas with low temperatures. Research shows that these seafood creatures thrive in temperatures ranging from 1 to 10 degrees Celsius, at depths between 13 and 2187 meters, which are optimal conditions for their development and normal activities.

Due to these conditions, Snow Crab shells are very hard, and their legs are relatively long, making up a significant proportion of their bodies. They mainly feed on invertebrates and have a substantial amount of meat in their legs. Snow Crabs have four pairs of legs and two claws, which are of average size and do not require extensive preparation time.

To easily identify Snow Crabs, you can look at their carapace, which is relatively flat and lacks spines. Additionally, this part may have a few black spots on the back, serving as distinguishing features.

Nutritional value of Snow Crab

Snow Crab not only stands out with its delicious taste and firm meat but also offers highly nutritious content. According to studies, Snow Crab can help treat cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, promote joint health, detoxify the body, improve circulation, and enhance the immune system.

Cua tuyết là hải sản tốt cho sức khoẻ và cải thiện nhiều loại bệnh trong cơ thể

The primary components of Snow Crab are calcium and phosphorus, which play a vital role in improving bone density and strength. Therefore, individuals with bone and joint-related issues can incorporate this food into their diet.

Furthermore, Snow Crab contains essential nutrients such as vitamin B2, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, potassium, and more, which are beneficial for the brain and other organs. The presence of these minerals helps alleviate pain, reduce inflammation within the body, and overall contribute to good health.

How to differentiate Snow Crab and King Crab?

In reality, many people struggle to differentiate Snow Crab and King Crab because they share some similarities. However, a closer examination of their specific characteristics reveals the differences between these two types of seafood.

Cách phân biệt cua tuyết và cua hoàng đế theo từng đặc điểm

Habitat: Snow Crabs typically inhabit cold areas, especially the northwestern Atlantic and the northern Pacific. On the other hand, King Crabs reside in seas near the poles, enduring harsh and frigid temperatures.

Leg structure: Snow Crabs have long, slender legs with firm, pale-colored meat. King Crabs have larger, spikier legs with darker hues.

Number of leg pairs: Snow Crabs have four pairs of legs and two claws, while King Crabs have three pairs of legs and two claws.

Carapace: The carapace of a Snow Crab is relatively flat, with black spots and no sharp spines. In contrast, King Crabs have pointed spines on their carapace, with two protrusions resembling a heart shape.

Simple dishes made from snow crab

Snow crab is an easy ingredient to prepare delicious and nutritious dishes. Due to its high nutritional content, it is important to maintain the natural flavor and original value when cooking. Here are some simple and easy-to-make snow crab dishes that are recommended:

Steamed snow crab

Steamed snow crab is both simple and able to retain the original flavor and nutritional value. You can add a little ginger, lime leaves, and lemongrass to enhance the aroma of the dish. Ensure that the crab meat remains tender, sweet, and naturally firm. Serve it with a side of salt and lime pepper for an added impression.

Cua tuyết hấp chứa nhiều giá trị dinh dưỡng và vị ngon tự nhiên

Grilled snow crab

Grilling snow crab on charcoal and serving it with dipping sauce is a memorable dish. The crab meat is tender and juicy, and the crab shell is grilled to give it a distinctive seafood aroma. It's important not to grill the crab for too long as it may become dry and lose its characteristic flavor.

Cua tuyết nướng

Snow crab with tamarind sauce

Combining the sweetness of crab meat with the tanginess of tamarind sauce creates a harmonious and flavorful dish. This dish is also very simple to make, and you can enjoy it with friends to relax and relieve stress.

Boiled snow crab

Boiled snow crab is a light and easy-to-make dish that preserves the delicious and natural flavors. Boil it for just the right amount of time to ensure that the crab meat is tender, sweet, and fragrant. Pair it with chili salt or green chili salt to enhance the taste.

Where to buy high-quality and fresh snow crab?

Currently, snow crab can be easily found at large supermarkets, seafood markets, or imported seafood stores. However, to ensure good quality and freshness, it is important to research and consider carefully.

The Alaska Prime is a leading supplier specializing in premium imported seafood at affordable prices. The seafood is guaranteed to have clear origins and full certification of safety from relevant authorities. Snow crab is ensured to be fresh and of high quality. You can consider purchasing snow crab legs from The Alaska Prime to create various other enticing dishes.

Mua cua tuyết tại Alaska Prime

In conclusion, we have learned about the information on snow crab and the nutritional value of this seafood. Snow crab is undoubtedly an ideal ingredient that satisfies both the criteria of delicious food and nutritional requirements, benefiting our health. So, why wait? Contact The Alaska Prime now to purchase this "precious" ingredient!


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