1/ Preparation and cooking time

  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes 
  • Makes: 2 Servings

2/ Ingredients:

  • 2 Alaska King Crab Claws
  • 50g Plain Flour
  • 100g Tempura Batter
  • 10g King Oyster Mushroom
  • 20g Yellow Peppers
  • 500g Salad Oil
  • Pepper and Salt

3/ Directions:

Remove shell of Alaska King Crab legs, leaving tip of shell. Dredge in flour and coat with tempura batter;

Preheat oil to 170 ° with enough oil to cover ingredients. Add king crab legs and deep fry for about 5 minutes until texture becomes crispy, sprinkle with pepper and salt;

Using same method, deep fry King Oyster Mushrooms and yellow peppers, and plate.

4/ Flavor of food:

The dish brings a unique, rich and appealing flavor. Alaskan King Crab meat is sweet, rich, and firm, combined with crispy Fried Vegetables to create a diverse range of taste, from the rich, natural sweetness of the crab to the crispy, delicious taste of the vegetables. All create a special, attractive and unforgettable taste.

Alaska King Crab and Vegetable Tempura

The Alaskan King Crab with Fried Vegetables is often paired with beverages such as white wine, sake, or white tea. These types of drinks have a gentle, delicate flavor that helps enhance the natural sweetness of the crab and does not detract from the crispiness of the fried vegetables. In addition, lemonade or fruit juice is also a good choice to pair with this dish, helping to increase the freshness and vitamin content of the meal.