Cá hồi sockeye nhập trực tiếp từ Mỹ

Alaska is home to five different wild salmon species: Coho, Keta, King, Pink, and Sockeye. Alaska is renowned for having the highest quality and most delicious natural salmon in the world.

Cá hồi sockeye Alaska

Sockeye Salmon, also known as Red Salmon, is considered the most flavorful variety due to its vibrant red flesh, delightful aroma, and high nutritional value. Sockeye Salmon is sustainably wild-caught and not suitable for aquaculture. It is smaller in size compared to other salmon species, resulting in smaller and thinner fillets. The deep red color, often described as "red as a cherry," makes Sockeye Salmon the most visually appealing salmon at the fish counter. Its flesh is firm with a moderate fat content, offering a perfect balance of flavors.

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The health benefits of Sockeye Salmon are abundant. Its meat is low in fat and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to cardiovascular health, cholesterol reduction, and lowering the risk of high blood pressure. Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is renowned for its vibrant red color, attributed to its natural diet of astaxanthin-rich plant sources. This powerful compound not only enhances the salmon's vivid hue and robust flavor but also acts as a potent antioxidant, potentially preventing cancer, promoting skin rejuvenation, and supporting heart health.

Sockeye Salmon is a nutritional powerhouse, containing high levels of nutrients such as Omega-3, B and D vitamins, selenium, potassium, calcitonin, and more. Consuming just 150g of Sockeye Salmon per week can provide various health benefits, including strengthening heart muscles, reducing the risk of stroke, lowering bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol, decreasing the risk of Alzheimer's disease, and mitigating the risk of bone degeneration.

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Per 100g of Sockeye Salmon, the nutritional breakdown is as follows:

Calories: 168

Protein: 21.3g

Fat: 8.6g

Saturated Fat: 1.5g

Sodium: 47mg

Cholesterol: 62mg

Omega-3: 1.2g

Alaska prioritizes the sustainability of its wild salmon species. For Alaska, the future of wild Sockeye Salmon and their habitats is more important than immediate harvesting opportunities. Being blessed with abundant wild resources, Alaska ensures the replenishment of its freshwater spawning grounds by implementing scientifically sound fishing practices during the season, thus safeguarding the sustainability of wild Sockeye Salmon.

In terms of flavor, Sockeye Salmon exhibits distinct characteristics:

A. Natural Aroma: Sockeye Salmon fillets emit a fresh, natural, and enticing aroma that enhances the overall appeal of the dish.

B. Fresh and Buttery Taste: With its bold and naturally sweet flavor, Sockeye Salmon provides a unique culinary experience. Its high fat content contributes to a buttery and smooth sensation on the palate.

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C. Tender Texture and Natural Sweetness: Sockeye Salmon fillets have a delicate and tender texture, accompanied by a natural sweetness. When cooked, the flesh melts in your mouth, leaving a smooth and satisfying sensation.

Here are some ideal dishes featuring Sockeye Salmon:

A. Grilled Sockeye Salmon: Grill Sockeye Salmon fillets with your favorite spices to create a flavorful, rich, and nutritious meal.

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B. Sockeye Salmon Sashimi: Fresh and delicious Sockeye Salmon makes a fantastic sashimi dish. Its vibrant red color and velvety texture create an impressive culinary experience.

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C. Sockeye Salmon Seafood Soup: Sockeye Salmon fillets are an excellent addition to seafood soups. The sweet flavor of the fish enhances the unique taste profile of the soup.

In conclusion, Sockeye Salmon fillets are a flavorful, delicious, and nutritious seafood product. We recommend exploring the various mouthwatering dishes and unleashing your creativity with Sockeye Salmon to indulge in a unique culinary experience while reaping the health benefits it provides for your body.